Are you Surprised? Pt. 2

For some reason, the garbage doesn’t get put on the ground anymore.



I’m on a boat!

I’m on a boat…and I am tired! All these waves rocking us back and worth. We don’t have to legs to party on a boat.


-Sketcher and Tucker

Are you surprised?

If Dogs Could BlogLook, I don’t like it when my masters leave, this is how I show them. Now where’s that Dislike button on Facebook?


I’m pooped!

After a long day of chasing chickens and protecting the house from people walking in front of it, I’m ready for bed!


How long did I sleep for?

Saturday was a fantastic day, the sun was out, there were birds everywhere that I could chase after. Just a beautiful Spring day. That night I snuggled into bed after fighting with my brother(as usual) and woke up to this white cold stuff I’ve been told is called snow. It was up to my belly! Where were the birds? I literally had to hop outside, you couldn’t walk through this stuff it was so thick.

Now I’ve dealt with snow before, but I thought it was over. Maybe I slept from April all the way until December. Is this what hibernation is like? I am hungry, so those dots connect.



All the fun stuff is taken away

Lately, we’ve been digging through the garbage. You won’t believe what these people throw away! Food scraps galore! French fries, hamburger, moldy bread! It’s delicious! Now, the garbage is put up on the counter. What’s the point of that?


Is it necessary?

Hi, my name is Sketcher and I’m a barkoholic. There, I said it, now can you take this stupid thing off! My female master decided it would be a good idea to put this extra collar on me. At first I thought it was a little bling…but then…I barked. $O#*^@#%@$&(($(@_@ it sprayed me!!! I get pissed, so I bark at the collar and it sprays me again! Now I’m scared…I start to tremble, maybe even pee a little, but I’m getting used to it. Fortunately I know when it’s on me and when it’s off, so I don’t have to stop barking when it’s not on.

But is this the right answer? Isn’t there a 12-step program I can go through instead? And I’m only a social barker so it’s not like it’s really a problem, I can quit whenever I want to.